Eric Lyons homemade Pies

All of our pies our created by our team of chefs. We make all the ingredients fresh daily. It all starts with the pastry: We first line the foil with shortcrust pastry —The shortcrust is made by mixing shortgold flour, lard and water together to the perfect consistency. It is then rolled out on our industrial pastry roller. Once all the bases are made we can then fill the pies with our lovely fillings.

The pie fillings are cooked overnight this creates the most tender meat which is just what is required to create the perfect pie.

Now the pies need a lid. We make the most amazing puff pastry which is rested through the night and rolled the next day. The puff pastry is made with special blend of flour, cake margarine and water. Once it has been mixed for roughly 10 minutes it then needs to rest before we fold in the pastry margarine. We give the pastry 3 ‘book folds’, meaning we create a pastry with perfect lamination which causes our pastry to rise when baked and become flaky.

Family Pies

Steak, Steak & Ale, Steak & Kidney, Chicken, Turkey & Ham, Mince & Onion, Steak & Stilton and a Pie of the month which changes every month — e.g Chilli Con Carne, Chicken & Tarragon, Steak & Guinness.

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Pork & Festive Pies

Our famous pork pie recipe is over 60 years old. We have made slight adjustments through the years and believe we now have the perfect recipe.

The pastry is where it all starts:
We mix sovereign flour with Boiling hot water and Italian lard. We then line the tins and press out the perfect mould for our lovely filling. The filling is then made by mixing pork and our secret seasoning. Like with all our pastry we leave it to rest overnight.

The pork pastry is then rolled out and cut into lids and placed on the top of the filled pork pie. Before cooking they are rested for a few hours and then are glazed with egg wash and baked for an exact one hour and nine minutes. Once they are baked we glaze them with our pie glaze and remove form their shells. Once cooled we them fill them with jelly and then leave them to set.

Our festive pies are sold all year round we use the same technique to make the pastry. The filling is a combination of Turkey, Stuffing, Seasonings and ham. The perfect food to add to a picnic or for those family gatherings over the festive period.

Bring your own dish

If you want to use your own dish for our pies just bring one along and place your order!

This is a great idea for a party or special occasion you may be planning. We will make the pie in your dish and all you have to do is heat it in the oven (and wash it up after!).