Eric Lyons Specially Selected Beef


All our Beef is sourced from farmers who are independently approved by the Red Tractor Farm Assurance scheme in Great Britain. The Red Tractor set the standards on Animal Welfare, Safety, Traceability and Environment Protection that are applied to the farms and to the different links in the food chain. They carry out regular and robust inspections to ensure that producers, packers and other operators continually meet those standards.

The farm standards ensure the health and welfare of the animals at all times, health planning and monitoring and a responsible approach to medicine usage. They also ensure the animals are fully traceable with both ear tags and the correct paperwork available as well as looking at the competence of the people involved with all aspects of animal husbandry.

We have a network of procurement staff who have built strong relationships with our farmers suppliers over many years. Understanding our farmers and their production systems helps us ensure we have the right product available for the customer at the right time.

Why Eric Lyons uses Dawn Meats as our main Beef supplier?

The simple reason is they supply the most tender, consistent and flavoursome Beef we have ever tasted. That is a big statement considering we have been in the Butchery industry for 100+ years and have worked with many different suppliers.

We place an order weekly with Jonathan who then selects the best graded beef that has been produced that week. Jonathan then has a wide range of breeds to choose from: (Here we have a few breeds that are most often selected).

  • Aberdeen Angus
  • Aberdeen Angus Cross
  • Hereford
  • Long Horn
  • Highland
  • South Devon
  • Belted Galloway