Eric Lyons Knowle History

Five generations of the Lyons family have run butchers shops in Knowle since 1903.

Mr John Lyons founded the business in the newly built shops belonging to sergeant John Court in Station Road (between Ryauto and Wards hairdressing). He soon moved into the High street (where one stop convenience store now stands) and his son Phillip took charge of this shop when he moved yet again to the bottom end of the High street near Lodge Road corner.

Phil Lyons

Eric Lyons

Phil Lyons joined the army on almost the first day of the first world war, but afterwards returned to Knowle and set up business again in Victoria Buildings at the corner of Lodge Road and Station Road (John Shepherd’s).

In the course of time he acquired premises at Lapworth and also took over the existing butchers business of Mr Frank Harper in Knowle High Street.

His two sons Eric and Bob were his ‘delivery boys’ and grew up with the business spending most of their working lives in it. Bob had the Station Road and Lapworth shop Eric took over the High Street premises.

Bob retired in the mid eighties and sold the Station Road and Lapworth shops.

Eric had three sons two of them Peter and David have continued the tradition and are now running the High Street shop.

Pete & Dave Lyons

Nicholas & Dan Lyons

Nicholas and Daniel Lyons David’s two sons have now joined the business taking the business to the fifth generation.

Nick: “I have a passion for cooking and went to UCB (Birmingham Food College) where I spent 3 years learning all about the food industry as a chef. After finishing my course I went on Nuthurst Grange and spent a year in industry as a chef. It helped me learn what the industry is all about and how to cook top quality food at a high intensity.

After my year in chefing I felt I had enough experience to join the family business and spent 3 years on the pastry section of the business making pies, ready meals and puddings for the community of Knowle. John Lyons was my teacher and helped me master the pastry trade. Now my brother Dan Lyons has joined the business I spent about 6 months teaching him how to run the pastry section. I have now moved down to the Butchery section to learn my trade and am enjoying it thoroughly. I hope to take the business forward and am excited about the refurbishment because I can bring my chefing expertise to use as we will be selling hot food in the day.”